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                *Thanks for your time and effort, but I don't
                think you understand my*
                *question. Suppose a test particle is restrained
                spatially, say in *
                *the Sun's gravitational field. When released, it
                starts to move (toward *
                *the Sun). How does GR explain this motion? By the
                advance of time? AG*

                Time was advancing all along.  Your restraint was a
                force causing the particle to follow a non-geodesic
                path through space-time.  When you released it, it
                then followed the "straightest path possible", i.e.
                a geodesic.


            So time is the "culprit". What has this resumption of
            spatial motion (along a geodesic in spacetime) have to
            do with conservation of momentum, if at all ? TIA, AG

            It's not a "resumption" of motion; it's just tilting the
            direction of motion from being along your coordinate
            time line (which you think of as 'not moving') to being
            along the geodesic (which you think of as 'falling').
            The 4-momentum of the system, including whatever device
            you were using to keep the particle from falling is

            Didn't you say you had read Epstein?


        I said I was reading Epstein. I have it with me while
        traveling. If 4 momentum is conserved, isn't that the same
        as saying motion on a geodesic is postulated?

        No. Motion on a geodesic is force-free motion.  If you have
        rocket, for example, you can travel on a non-geodesic, but
        4-momentum is still conserved considering your rocket and its

    *OK, but what I meant was this; when the force causing a
    non-geodesic motion is discontinued, geodesic motion is restored.
    Is this baked into the field equations and thus can be understood
    as the result of the postulates of GR? AG

    I wouldn't say "baked in".  You have to represent a particle as
    concentrated mass point in the equations and then they tell you
    that, absent other forces, it follows a geodesic.

        Incidentally, if one accepts GR as a "valid" model of
        gravity, doesn't that preclude any coupling between gravity
        and EM? AG
        Photons couple the same as other mass-energy, they travel on
        geodesics absent some other interaction.

    *OK, but what I meant by "coupling" would be if EM had a role in
    producing the gravitational phenomenon other than its mass-energy
    contribution. As I understand GR, it is solely the mass-energy of
    anything that produces the geometry of spacetime, and thus
    gravity, nothing specifically electromagnetic. AG

    Right.  It's any mass-energy.


*This I find troubling. We have two fundamental physical phenomenon, gravity and EM, and they seem to have no intrinsic relationship between each other. AG

They have more relationship than they did when Maxwell discovered EM.  It was purely a field on a fixed background.  So you've been troubled since 1862.

Under GR the EM field is a source of gravity and hence warps spacetime; and warped spacetime deflects EM waves.


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