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> Nope, no thanks. The problem is that I suspect that even if you download
> information from a brain into a AI system that while it might outwardly
> appear to be the person inside the machine, the person in fact no long
> exists. At least I suspect this might be, and even if you interact with
> people in machines and they swear up and down that they exist they are
> simply emulating what they would ordinarily do.

 Well then, can you give me a good reason for me to believe that Lawrence
Crowell actually exists? I don't want to hear you swear up and down that
you do exist, I want you to prove it.

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> There is a big Pinocchio problem here.
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> If I were to have my brain preserved this way I would opt to have it
> transplanted into a body or a clone of my body or some such thing.

So I take it you believe in the magical carbon theory, the idea that
particular element has mystical properties that the element silicon lacks
even though the scientific method can not see nothing of the sort.  I think
that theory is not only wrong it is lethal to those who adhere to it.

John K Clark​

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