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*So if one chooses a basis where the cat is simultaneously alive and dead, is this a problem for QM? AG

    No problem for QM -- one does it all the time. It might not be the
    most useful basis, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible.

*Since you earlier acknowledged that Schroedinger showed the "absurdity" of alive/dead simultaneously, are you now saying the absurd is not only possible in QM, but even when it's never observed? AG*

I didn't acknowledge that Schrödinger showed the absurdity of the superposition, all I said was that he claimed that it was absurd. I see no absurdity at all in this superposition.

Remember that a superposition is just the sum of a number of vectors, expressed in some basis that does not include the said sum as a basis vector. There is nothing mysterious in this, and the quantum situation is entirely analogous to superpositions of vectors in conventional linear algebra.


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