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> *There is no theoretical value".*

The measure value is 137.035999139, the value obtained from 12,672 Feynman
Diagrams is 137.035999173. If you don't like the name "theoretical value"
for that second number then call is something else. How about "Bob"?

*> All the values that we have are measured -- often in different ways, or
> from the results of different experiments to measure the same things, such
> as g-2, so there can be a range of measured results.*

Nobody uses 12,672 Feynman Diagrams to find a measured result.

>  > in the final analysis, the fine structure constant is an arbitrary
> physical constant that must be measured

So is the speed of light, but Maxwell's theory can calculate that speed and
the fact that the calculated speed agrees with the measured speed tells us
that Maxwell had a good theory. The reason scientists went to the
considerable trouble of calculating the Fine Structure Constant from 12,672
Feynman Diagrams when they already knew from measurement what the correct
answer is was to test the theory and see if it still worked at that
incredible degree of accuracy. And It did work. Why else would physicists
have such enormous confidence in Feynman's diagrams? How else can you tell
the difference between a good physical theory and a bad one?

John K Clark


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