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>> On Friday, January 11, 2019 at 4:51:24 PM UTC-6, Bruce wrote:
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>>>> On Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 7:18:21 PM UTC-6, Brent wrote:
>>>>> On 1/10/2019 4:21 PM, John Clark wrote:
>>>>> *So even Feynman knew that there was no theoretical value for the FSC, 
>>>>>> alpha.*
>>>>> No,  he knew very well there was a theory that could come up with a 
>>>>> value because his own Feynman Diagrams could do it. But what he didn't 
>>>>> know 
>>>>> and what nobody knows is why his theory came up with that particular pure 
>>>>> number when he never specifically stuck that number into the rules on how 
>>>>> the diagrams should operate. 
>>>>> The fine structure constant is e^2/hbar*c.  Those three values are 
>>>>> measured independent of any Feynman diagrams of quantum field theory.  
>>>>> The 
>>>>> calculation using Feynman diagrams is of the anamolous magnetic moment.   
>>>>> A 
>>>>> correction to the value of g that depend on relativistic effects (hence 
>>>>> the 
>>>>> occurence of c in the denominator).  The anamolous magnetic moment can be 
>>>>> measure experimentally and using Feynman's diagrams and the measured 
>>>>> values 
>>>>> of e, hbar, and c a value can be calculated that includes the 
>>>>> relativistic 
>>>>> effects of quantum field theory. That's why the agreement with 
>>>>> measurement 
>>>>> is significant.
>>>>> Brent
>>>> Everyone seems to be overlooking charge renormalization.
>>> Do you really think that that is relevant? How?
>>> Bruce 
>> The physical charge is a bare mass corrected by a correction term e = e' 
>> + δe. Charge adjusts with energy in a renormalization group flow of 
>> adjustable parameters. At EW unification energy the fine structure constant 
>> is around 1/128. As E → 0 the RG flow reaches an attractor point that is 
>> the α = e^2/4πεħc. This is computed for the renormalized physical charge e 
>> from all radiative corrections possible.
> I think everyone else is aware that the fine structure constant we are 
> talking about is the zero energy limit of the running coupling constant. 
> The infinite renormalisation terms are subtracted from the bare charge to 
> give the experimental result. Only the zero energy measured value has 
> physical significance at low energies.
> Bruce

There is this alternative:


"In 1988, [David McGoveran developed] methods to develop a new derivation 
of the Fine Structure Spectrum of Hydrogen, which was further developed and 
published with H.P. Noyes. In later work, the approach was shown to support 
Feynman sum-over-paths in 1+1 dimensions and gave the solution to the Dirac 
equation (Green's function). Noyes has cited McGoveran's calculation of the 
Sommerfeld-Dirac formula and corrections to both the* combinatorial 
hierarchy computation of the fine structure and gravitational consta*nts as 
convincing him that the evolving combinatorial hierarchy construction could 
be the starting point for a new physics and physical cosmology."

- pt

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