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>> * > Every deterministic theory requires that the universe began in one
>> and only one very specific initial condition.*
> Incorrect, none of the others demand specificity, none of the others are
> picky about initial conditions. No other cosmological theory needs the
> universe to start out in one and only one very specific state for the idea
> to work, nearly any state would do. Superdeterminism is unique, no other
> deterministic theory, or theory of any sort,  requires that the universe
> began in one and only one very very very specific initial condition, the
> only one that supports their pet theory. If the many world's idea could be
> ruled out in some other way

Many worlds is not the issue for Hossenfelder. She is concerned about the
non-locality of conventional quantum mechanics. With Einstein, she wants to
rule out "Spooky action at a distance." Since many worlds cannot give a
local account of Bell-type correlations, either, that theory is of little
interest to Sabine: she insists on a local theory, and MWI is not local.

It seems that her strategy has been to find a flaw in Bell's proof that no
local hidden variable theory is possible. Since any theorem is only as good
as its premises, she sees a loophole in Bell's assumption of statistical
independence -- the hidden variables are required to be independent of the
remote detector settings. However, simply finding a flaw in Bell's theorem
does not prove that quantum physics is local. What is ultimately required
is a local account of the correlations that violate Bell's inequality. No
one has ever given such a local model.


nobody in their right mind would propose an idea as ridiculous as
> superdeterminism. Nobody!

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