I do remember that when Capn' Bonespurs back in 2018, John, did conflict with 
Putin's troops, when they were hired in as mercs for Assad in Syria, (Wagner), 
and the US was ordered to fight back in force. We won that battle! Please 
review at your leisure. 
The obvious conclusion JC is that no, Capn' Bonespurs did NOT back away from 
Putin's Bullying, but that Biden, Obama, and Yes, Bush43 did. JC if you won't 
give the devil his due, one ignores that capabilities of one's enemies. Yes, 
avoiding a burgeoning nuclear holocaust is understandable, back then, and 
today. This was behind my ugly idea of having the Russians re-nuke Cuba or 
Cub-er as Kennedy said. Probably a crazy-bad idea, but it was giving Vlad the 
Impaler an out with the Russian people. Yes, there are downsides to this, like 
what if Putin starts up again and there's hypersonics in Cub-er? My thought is 
we're just as dead anyway and as long as we can successfully retaliate, what 
difference does it make, as Mama Clinton once uttered? 
May the Easter Donald not haunt your dreams as he does with every democrat! 

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> You are notoriously erratic and moody!

No I'm not! .... Well OK maybe I am.... No I'm not!

> I liked some of the things Trump did, I was so-so on other things. I'm a hard 
> guy to please. I did love his comedic timing

TO HELL WITH COMEDIC TIMING!! I'm talking about the cause of the Fermi Paradox 
while you're talking about the silly comedy routine of a man who has control of 
thousands of Thermonuclear bombs and on a whim could kill you, and everybody 
you know, and civilization, in the next 20 minutes. Volodymyr Zelenskyy was a 
professional comedian but when Russia invaded his country he knew it was time 
to get serious, and so he will always be remembered as more like Winston 
Churchill than Jerry Lewis. Can you imagine Captain Bonespurs refusing to run 
away and deciding to risk his life by fighting for his country as Zelenskyy has 
done? I can't. 
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