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*> I never expected him [Trump] to do as well as he did with unemployment,*

Under the presidency of Joe Biden unemployment is now at its lowest point
since 1969.

*> The Ukrainians are no saints and neither are the Bidens*

But the Russians and Donald Trump are as pure as freshly driven snow. How
else could Trump have made a "perfect phone call" like the time he demanded
the Ukrainian president help him smear Trump's political opponent if he
wanted the weapons needed to defend his country from the Russians?

*> So, JC, your characterization of Orangey as a Putin puppet is disproven
> by Trumpo's actions.*

Then why, to this very day, Trump has never criticized Putin, not even
after his barbaric invasion of Ukraine that has already killed tens of
thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people and will undoubtedly kill
many more before it's over? Why did Trump say Putin was a "genius" and
"savvy" for invading Ukraine?

*> He* [Trump] *thought we should have taken over and sold Iraqi oil under
> Bush43 for compensation for getting rid of Saddam.*

And he foolishly thought, and apparently you do too, that such an idiotic
policy could be maintained indefinitely without shedding oceans of blood
from American soldiers.

*> Donaldo is not my 1st choice for 24, by the way.*..

So you must've found somebody even stupider, even more xenophobic and
nationalistic, and even more contemptuous of democracy and the US
Constitution than Trump. I congratulate you, finding such a person would
not be easy.

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