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> But the purpose of randomizing the polarizer settings using photon from 
> sources on opposite sides of the universe is to prevent anyone from knowing 
> both settings before a measurement.

The point of THIS example is to investigate the issue of non-locality of 
splits in a MWI; not to test the Bell inequalities. Surely, if we aim for 
the latter, we will randomise the polariser settings.

I'm not sure I see any function for your superobserver anyway.  Are you 
> sure you need him?

Just as in Schroedinger's famous example with the cat, you need a "box" and 
an observer outside, in order to make sense of the cat being in an 
entangled superposition. Instead of a superobserver, we can do with an 
impersonal quantum description (in any chosen frame of reference), if you 

I hope that these inadequacies in my exposition will not prevent you from 
focusing on the "Conclusion" about the locality of splits!

George K. 

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