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> That's not the QFT version of EPR, it's his own personal version of EPR.

QFT is never used in the analysis of EPR -- that is argued in strictly
non-relativistic QM.

If it were true that QFT were to imply what he says, then the MWI would
> never had the support that it has today. Did physicists who are/were
> MWI enthusiasts like Bryce DeWitt,  John Wheeler, Sidney Coleman, David
> Deutsch, Sean Carroll etc. overlook this or is it more likely that
> Bruce's argument is simply wrong?

Since my argument concerning EPR has never been an argument against MWI --
merely an argument against the contention that MWI gives a local account of
the Bell correlations, your charge here is, as most of your charges against
me, misdirected.

Also there are many physicists who are
> MWI critics, they never invoke that argument against the MWI either.

I also am an MWI critic -- I think that theory has serious and irreparable
flaws, but EPR itself is not one of them. The argument that MWI is strictly
local is just a mistake, and not an argument against MWI itself.

But we have argued the case for non-locality in EPR for some time now. The
debate is becoming repetitive, and has led to many red herrings and
irrelevant side issues. Since I have not been able to formulate an argument
that has convinced Saibal, there seems little point in continuing the


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