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>> *I get it. No problem with those bridges. After all, Sean Carroll
>>> endorses it and he's on the facuty of Caltech! AG *
>> Well I don't get it, I have no idea what you're talking about.
> Maybe because you're mentally retarded? You posted Sean's "explanation"
> for where the energy comes from to create the world's which infatuate you!
> If a world has 1% probability of existing according to Born's rule, it has
> 1% of the original total energy! This is pure genius, from Caltech! He must
> have gotten this from the SE, right? AG

Yes, the idea is complete nuts. If I want to check energy conservation in
neutron decay, I compare the mass-energy of the original neutron to the sum
of the mass-energies of the decay products plus any kinetic energy of these
decay products. I want to do this for a decay in a time period where the
probability of decay is 1%. According to the division of energy according
to the Born probabilities, my check of energy conservation will fail: I
find that the decay products have only 1% of the initial energy. So, far
from protecting energy conservation in the MWI splitting process, all that
has been achieved is a demonstration that energy is never conserved in any
quantum process. As stated, this is nuts!


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