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> *Maybe because you're mentally retarded? You posted Sean's "explanation"
> for where the energy comes from to create the world's which infatuate you!
> If a world has 1% probability of existing according to Born's rule, it has
> 1% of the original total energy!*

I've explained this to you before but that time I used words that an
intelligent adult should understand, but you didn't, so this time I'll
imagine I'm speaking to a child with a learning disability, maybe that will
work. We've known for a long time there's no way to detect the absolute
energy level of anything, we can only detect the energy difference between
two things, but there is no way an observer in one universe can compare his
energy level with an observer in another universe, so the fact that one
universe may have 10 times more energy than another has no observable
consequences to anybody in either universe.

> *This is pure genius, from Caltech!*

Any professor of theoretical physics at Caltech is one hell of a lot
smarter than you Mr. Carl Sagan co-author, Mr.
Flying-Saucer-Men-Landed-In-Roswell-New-Mexico, And unlike you I'm damn
sure he knows enough grade school physics to understand that you need to
obtain hyper sonic speed to get into Earth orbit.

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