On 5/4/2022 12:27 PM, smitra wrote:
fact, that idea introduces a raft of problems of its own -- what is
the measure over this infinity of branches? What does it mean to
partition infinity in the ratio of 0.9:0.1? What is the mechanism
(necessarily outside the Schrodinger equation) that achieves this?

That simply means that there is as of yet no good model for QM without the Born rule.

But there is no mechanism for the Born rule.  It is inconsistent with pure Schroedinger evolution of the wave function.  I think the problem of measures on infinity is overcome if you simply postulate a very large but finite number of branches to split.  Or why not not an continuum probability and just measure by the density around the eigenvalue...the measured values are never exact anyway.  I don't these things are wrong or show MWI is inconsistent, but I think they show it has just moved the problems it purported to solve off to some unobservable worlds, which is no better than CI.


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