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>* Are you worried that some of us are not being sufficiently obsequious?*

No, I'm not worried about that because fortunately GPT-4 has not been
behaving like the biblical Yahweh, I have seen no evidence that GPT-4
demands, or even would enjoy, constant flattery by humans. All I want is
for you to look at this video and then do the rational thing and retract
your claim that GPT-4 is "*not even close*" to human intelligence.

GPT-4 solving hard riddles <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoyqRiGL4pg>

*> I don't understand your preocupation John.*

You don't?!  Can you think of anything more important to be preoccupied
with?  Can you think of anything that has happened in the world in your
lifetime that was more significant than passing the Turing Test with flying
colors? I can't.

*> If GPT-4 is indeed close to human intelligence, this will become
> undeniable in the next few weeks.*

It's been undeniable to all rational observers since last Tuesday, but you
denied it.

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