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>* I want to discuss scientific research and peer-reviews academic
> articles, but you want me to get excited about YouTube clickbait instead.
> What happened to you John?*

I'll tell you exactly what happened to me, last Tuesday happened to me. And
by the way, refusing to look at something does not make it go away.

GPT-4 solving hard riddles <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoyqRiGL4pg>

*> You are SUPER EXCITED abou ChatGPT but you do not give a shit about the
> fundamentals of machine learning*

You are absolutely correct. When it comes to judging it's intelligence I
don't give a shit about how GPT4 works, *I CARE ABOUT WHAT GPT4 DOES*
because behavior is the only way we have of judging the intelligence of our
fellow human beings, and that is also the only way we have of judging the
intelligence of a computer program. All I'm saying is that regardless of
how something works, if it's behaving intelligently then it's intelligent.
That's true for people and it's also true for computers, and I think it's
bizarre that some people think that is a controversial statement.

> *Human beings can form coherent memories and are capable of long-term
> goals, strategy and slow thinking -- the Turing complete kind.*

All computers are Turing Machines so obviously they are also Turing

* > I have even seen people now claim  that ChatGPT is good at chess. It is
> incredibly good at chess given that it is a language model trained with
> chess books*

Wow, that's a remarkably weak argument, computers have had the ability to
beat any human being at chess for a quarter of a century!  It would be
trivially easy for GPT4 to offload the problem to AlphaZero which can start
with zero knowledge of chess and after an hour or two of thinking about it
play the game at a superhuman level. Then for GPT4 playing chess  (or any
board game) at a super human level would be a simple reflex just as for us
breathing is a simple reflex.

> > * It is capable of navigating a min-max tree? Of course not, because it
> lacks recurrence. It cannot possibly win against older generation AIs*

The discovery of transformer Technology in 2017 was enormously important,
but it would be silly to say that is the only technique that an AI is
allowed to use.

*>you want to convince me that ChatGPT is the answer to everything.*

Don't be ridiculous!

> *Ok, maybe you are right and I am crazy.*

Yeah maybe.

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