In Illinois since the 1950s red scare it has been traditional for
Republican presidential candidates to sign a loyalty oath swearing not to
try to overthrow the government. Trump signed that oath in 2016 and 2020
(and broke his oath in 2021), but this year he has refused to even sign it.
So unless a miracle happens and the members of the Supreme Court decide to
remain loyal to a different oath that all the justices took, the one that
says they should make decisions based on what the constitution says, it
looks like during the AI Singularity meat grinder the most powerful man in
the world will be an ignorant totalitarian imbecile,..., oh well.... I
doubt Trump even knows how to spell AI but at least he'll save us from the
horrors of Drag Queen Story Hour, windmills that cause cancer, and low-flow

Trump did not sign Illinois’ loyalty oath that says he won’t advocate for
overthrowing the government

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