On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 02:49 +0300, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> On sö, 2005-10-16 at 14:20 +0200, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> > There's however a few issues and things to add:
> One more point is that switching GtkMozEmbed will require an unknown
> amount of work on the Win32 platform. It might be (relatively) trivial,
> or it might be quite difficult. I really can't say yet. How likely is it
> that the switch will happen? Would it be feasible to keep support for
> both gtkhtml and gtkmozembed in the code, and have them selectable at
> configure time?

Hey Tor,

I understand your concerns. 

I haven't yet spoken Harish about this attempt. As you probably know
he's on (or was on) vacation so I'm guessing we'll discuss this soon?

Perhaps we should address this at a next Evolution meeting?

The GtkMozEdit looks as portable as GtkMozEmbed. Since GtkMozEdit does
not add any extra (strange) dependencies and it's code looks not
abnormal nor strange (It's a standard GObject/Gtk+ widget that inherits
from GtkMozEmbed). It does link with libstdc++ but so does GtkMozEmbed.
So if GtkMozEmbed is portable to Win32, GtkMozEdit is also portable.

My plan is to move as much functionality that is now present in the
GtkHTML (editor) component back into EMsgComposer and to create as few
direct links to the editor component as possible. And by that making the
editor component replaceable. But I haven't yet started this work
because I'm not yet sure whether or not the Gecko HTML engine is
desirable in Evolution.

What I've done so far is the Prove Of Concept :-P

Important for Harish to know is that replacing GtHTML with Gecko
wouldn't be a one-person task. The entire team of Evolution developers
will most likely one way or another touch or feel the differences. Like
you, Tor, who would have to port this to Win32.

So it's good to discuss this :P

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