> on a first glance it looks possible to fulfill the required features
> below. 
That is good news.

> A few questions though:
> >
> > - Accessibility support
> Which gtk/atk interfaces have to be implemented in particular?

Basically, when I say a11y support is needed in gtkmozedit, I am mainly
referring to the following:
- The atk relation must be established between all the widgets (toolbar,
menubar, any other widget) so that gnopernicus, speech reader, etc. can
use them.
- The main text editing widget should have an atk interface. i.e. so the
typed typed is continuously readable by speech reader.

For further information, you might want to get in touch with Nagappan
( [EMAIL PROTECTED] ), who works in a11y based LDTP project. A
mailing list useful for this type of development is:
I believe few IBM and Sun guys are already working in mozilla a11y
project so they could give some valuable inputs too, in making
gtkmozedit a11y enabled. A peek into epiphany browser, which is a11y
enabled, and is based on gtkmozembed, might be helpful too.

I have not described the a11y requirements for rendering part of
gtkhtml, since we are focusing on editing for now.

> > - RTL support
> > - Support for editing html objects like frames, iframes, etc.
> > - Support for emacs keybindings.
> That's probably tedious. Maybe some kind of standalone
> filter/translator could be created so this peace of could would be
> reusable with other widgets (by attaching it, conceptually similar to
> a GtkEntryCompletion)
Actually, gtkhtml does all the above locally and does not use any
plugins, or standalone utils, so I am not sure of some alternative.
> > - Support for preview and print.
> > - Support for html embedded objects.
> > - Support for cut/copy-paste, drag-n-drop.
> > - Support for images and animations.
> What kind of animations? animated gif?, flash?
Mainly gif animation is needed. Flash isn't supported by gtkhtml.

> > - Support for undo-redo.
> > - Support for IM.
> > - Text justification
> > - Find/Replace
> > - Dictionary interface
> > - Link handling
> > - Sub-parts of evolution like calender, tasks, addressbook interact with
> > gtkhtml for their stream display.
Please feel free to mail me or catch me on irc (nick: ksh) for any other
inputs I could provide.

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