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> Hi,


on a first glance it looks possible to fulfill the required features
below. A few questions though:

> Some of my thoughts on replacement of gtkhtml with gecko
> (gtkmozembed/gtkmozedit).
> The basic set of features which would be needed in a gtkhtml replacement
> are enumerated below:-
> - Accessibility support

Which gtk/atk interfaces have to be implemented in particular?

> - RTL support
> - Support for editing html objects like frames, iframes, etc.
> - Support for emacs keybindings.

That's probably tedious. Maybe some kind of standalone
filter/translator could be created so this peace of could would be
reusable with other widgets (by attaching it, conceptually similar to
a GtkEntryCompletion)

> - Support for preview and print.
> - Support for html embedded objects.
> - Support for cut/copy-paste, drag-n-drop.
> - Support for images and animations.

What kind of animations? animated gif?, flash?

> - Support for undo-redo.
> - Support for IM.
> - Text justification
> - Find/Replace
> - Dictionary interface
> - Link handling
> - Sub-parts of evolution like calender, tasks, addressbook interact with
> gtkhtml for their stream display.

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