Hi Christian,

        You write-up sounds really exciting :-)

On Thu, 2010-07-08 at 10:28 +0200, Christian Hilberg wrote:
>  We will try to map as much of Kolab's functionality as possible onto 
> Evolution whithout changing Evolution itself (other than providing a plugin, 
> that is). Especially, we will not touch core Evolution or E-D-S.

        It would be good to know what we are missing though - if there are new
and interesting things that can be added to the front-end.

> * targeting Linux for client and server *solely*. No specific attempts will
>   be made to be portable to other platforms (like *BSD, Windows, ...).

        That is quite normal; Fridrich loves to port stuff to Windows ;-) and
as you say using the right platform libs should make that easier.

> * targeting Evo/EDS 2.30 only (2.30.2 presently, we should be able to follow
>   patchlevels). It is a customer requirement that the plugin be used with
>   current stable versions of GNOME and we will not be able to stand API churns
>   or move to GTK+-3 on our development platforms for several reasons, mostly
>   due to development deadlines.

        Unfortunate, but understandable :-)

> * providing DEB packages for Debian/GNU Linux only. RPM packages should not
>   be too hard to generate from our debs (or by other means), but we will not
>   be able to provide them.

        Ah - each distro will package it their own way.

> Our project will be GPLv2 (or a comparable FLOSS license which will assure at 
> least GPLv2's freedom level ;-). There should not be any licensing issues 
> here. If there are doubts, please feel free to ask for clarification.

        Soo - personally, I would love to see the code live inside e-d-s and/or
Evolution itself: that should make it easier to maintain longer term,
adapt for re-factoring, get translators involved etc.

        Licensing wise, the e-d-s code is currently LGPLv2, and Evolution is
LGPLv2 or v3 (at your choice). I would recommend sticking with that, or
going LGPLv2+, rather than having a plain GPLv2.

>  Our customer, for whom we will develop this solution, is also very
> specific about the project being hosted publicly and accessible by everyone.

        Wonderful :-)

> If Evolution staff will be willing to host our project sources within
> Evo git repo, we'll happily transfer our stuff there as soon as we
> have a first preview ready.

        Perhaps something to dicuss on #evolution (irc.gimp.net) - but it'd be
great to have you working in the same git repo IMHO [ not that it's my
decision of course - I defer to Matthew/Chen etc. ;-]



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