On Thu, 2010-07-08 at 16:01 +0100, Michael Meeks wrote:
> > If Evolution staff will be willing to host our project sources within
> > Evo git repo, we'll happily transfer our stuff there as soon as we
> > have a first preview ready.
>       Perhaps something to dicuss on #evolution (irc.gimp.net) - but it'd be
> great to have you working in the same git repo IMHO [ not that it's my
> decision of course - I defer to Matthew/Chen etc. ;-]

Certainly aim for hosting your project on git.gnome.org, but I'd still
prefer it be split into a separate evolution-kolab repository similar to
evolution-exchange, evolution-mapi, and soon evolution-groupwise (I'm
told).  It just keeps things more modular and it keeps us honest: our
public APIs -have- to be complete since external projects don't have
access to private in-tree APIs.  The separation is not meant to be a
barrier between you and us, just an implementation detail.

The process for obtaining a gnome.org account is here:


Each of your developers should apply for their own account, but I would
suggest waiting to do this until after you have a working public beta,
as you'll have more credibility to the gnome.org admins then (which is
not us!).

Once you have your gnome.org accounts, you can clone your git repository
on git.gnome.org by following the procedure here:


Hope this helps.

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