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On Thursday 08 July 2010 at 19:01:25 Matthew Barnes wrote:
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> Certainly aim for hosting your project on git.gnome.org, but I'd still
> prefer it be split into a separate evolution-kolab repository similar to
> evolution-exchange, evolution-mapi, and soon evolution-groupwise (I'm
> told).

Our present status is that we set up the project as a standalone plugin. This 
way, development will be easier for us to handle. If there is no objection 
from Evo developers' side, we will make this decision permanent.

> It just keeps things more modular and it keeps us honest: our
> public APIs -have- to be complete since external projects don't have
> access to private in-tree APIs.  The separation is not meant to be a
> barrier between you and us, just an implementation detail.

So far, we do not see this separation as a barrier. Lets hope this holds true 
in future as well. ;-)

> The process for obtaining a gnome.org account is here:
> [...]

Thanks for the explanation. We'll get back to that later on, when there is 
something sensible ready to be pushed into the repo.



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