On ven., 2010-07-23 at 18:08 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
>         * Don't downgrade!  Once you cross this threshold, it's going to
>         be
>           fairly painful to revert data files back to a state that
>         earlier
>           Evolution versions can understand.
> Each of the three binaries -- evolution, e-addressbook-factory, and
> e-calendar-factory -- migrates its own data and then tries to remove
> ~/.evolution, which only works if the directory is empty.  The idea is
> whichever program starts last should succeed.

An an evolution user and a packager, is this really a good idea?
Shouldn't it be safer to keep it “as a backup” but mark it as already
migrated. This way, another attempt can be tried should the first one
fail, and we don't touch user valuable data.

We already saw weird bugs with data loss during the sqlite migration, so
I have to admit I'm a bit scared at this point :)


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