On Sat, 2010-10-16 at 11:49 -0400, Martin Owens wrote:
> > * Cached Camel provider data moves to ~/.cache/evolution/mail.  This
> >   includes folders.db.  Files for local accounts will be divided up:
> >   index files for searching would go in ~/.cache, whereas actual mail
> >   content (mbox/Maildir/etc.) would go in ~/.local.  Need to think on
> >   that some more. 
> You do know that ~/.local is for user application data and not
> application user data? Yes they sound almost like the same thing, but
> there is a very big difference between firefox plugins/evolution filters
> and emails/calendar events.
> Because hiding user data is cool and making backups impossible is
> awesome.
> If you're planning on separating out the indexing (a good move) then why
> not just park emails in ~/Documents/Email in a list of maildirs?

My examples above were mistaken.  I was referring to account types that
deliver mail to the "On This Computer" store such as POP.  How and where
those mails get stored is up to Evolution.

You can still set up ~/Documents/Email as the root of a maildir tree and
point Evolution at it.  The data there won't be moved.

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