Le dimanche 06 juin 2010 à 12:34 -0400, Matthew Barnes a écrit :
> Once thing I'd like to get done before Evolution 3.0 is dismantling
> ~/.evolution and moving user-specific data to relocatable XDG base
> directories [1].  I have an initial proposal of what should go where.
> Migration should just be a series of straight-forward move commands,
> plus a few subtle renames.  Not sure yet if I'm gonna code this all up
> in C or just write a shell script to invoke.
> I'd like to get this in before I get much further on my gsettings
> branch, as I'll be changing how we store account data (no more XML
> blobs!) and our directory layout closely ties into it.
> See additional comments below.
> Comments:
> * ~/.evolution/cache moves to ~/.cache/evolution, with one exception:
>   just use /tmp for stuff that normally goes in ~/.evolution/cache/tmp.
> * Cached Camel provider data moves to ~/.cache/evolution/mail.  This
>   includes folders.db.  Files for local accounts will be divided up:
>   index files for searching would go in ~/.cache, whereas actual mail
>   content (mbox/Maildir/etc.) would go in ~/.local.  Need to think on
>   that some more.
> * ~/.cache/evolution/http will eventually die when we move to WebKit,
>   since it uses (or will soon use) its own disk cache.
> * ~/.evolution/$COMP/local moves to ~/.local/share/evolution/$COMP.
> * I debated whether certificate and profile databases are data files or
>   configuration files.  I decided data files, based on my rule of thumb
>   that configuration files should be human-readable.
> Any comments or concerns?  Have I missed anything?

sounds good. I"d like to mention again that it would be nice if
evolution could take into account system certificates as a basis for
user trust settings in certificate signatures, etc. I don't know if nss
is just getting in the way for this, but evolution and  firefox are
currently the two apps that I use most often that don't actually obey my
system configuration by default.

Gilles Dartiguelongue <gilles.dartiguelon...@esiee.org>

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