On Sun, 2011-05-15 at 23:33 -0700, tudstudent wrote:
> So I have only 1 libmapi.h installed on my system. Furthermore I have
> looked
> into libmapi.h:
> uint32_t                cast_SPropValue(TALLOC_CTX *, struct
> mapi_SPropValue
> *, struct SPropValue *);
> I hope I give you correct information. I did not understand what you
> wanted
> to have so I tried my best.
> What do you want with config.log and the other (better said what do I
> need
> to check specificly).

OK, so your openchange has the mem_ctx parameter, which makes sense.
Search the config.log file for SPropValue string. It'll give you two
checks with its description and two defines. Mine defines are:
The same defines should be defined in config.h. Is it possible your
evo-mapi compilation doesn't use correct config.h? I suppose you have
those two defines defined same as I do.

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