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Am Mittwoch 07 September 2011, um 19:07:20 schrieb Matthew Barnes:
> [...] 
> The API
> is already fully documented and our wiki has usage instructions for it:
>         http://live.gnome.org/Evolution/Extensions

Is the list of EExtensible-tagged classes listed at the end of the wiki page 
up-to-date (and exhaustive) for the current dev version of Evo/E-D-S?

I had a glance at the page since I'm trying to figure out whether or not the 
account setup stuff we're currently doing via EPlugin in evolution-kolab could 
instead be based on EExtensions (bearing in mind that EPlugin is going away 
sooner or later anyway).
  What's more, there are some Evolution UI extensions which we would like to 
implement for evolution-kolab, and since some of them are Kolab-specific, it 
seemed a better way to do it as an EExtension, rather than trying to hack 
Evolution directly.
  The questions at hand now are, do you see EExtension fit as an EPlugin 
replacement for account setup already, and can UI extensions (like additional 
entries in context menus or functional extensions of UI dialogs) already be 
done via EExtensions?

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