On Thu, 2012-02-09 at 09:57 +0100, Michal G. wrote:
>         If you are looking to get eds/evo rid of gtk, you are proned
>         to be
>         lost. Instead, use the dbus api and write a email client in
>         qt. You
>         can glance it
>         https://meego.gitorious.org/meego-ux/meego-app-email. I
>         worked on a qt/qml based email client which spoke to the email
>         daemon
>         over dbus. It is obsolete atm.
> Thanks for help. I look at this code and it is very interesting from
> my point of view. It is very close
> to this what I am trying to achieve.

I hope you'll be fine if I step in, thus just a little thoughts:
You do not want to use evolution at all. The only thing from it you want
(to use/rewrite for your needs) is the EMailSession, which is subclass
of CamelSession. This serves for mailer part to work properly and is the
central point of all mailer functionality. Then you create an
EAccountList, which holds list of all configured accounts (note some of
them can be disabled), and with those UIDs you create CamelServices,
which are structures to communicate between your instance and the
server. There are special UIDs, like "local", to access locally stored
mails (those under "On This Computer" in Evolution). Of course, it's not
that simple, but it's roughly about it.

As far as I understand this, the e-mail-factory project does basically
this, it extracts EMailSession out of evolution to evolution-data-server
and defines new (DBus) API to access its functionality from outside, by
any client using the new API. The e-mail-factory does more things, but
regarding things you are looking for, it might be it.

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