Then I will use Webkit. It is available and I was doing simple browser with
For now, I have Qt port of Webkit and Cairo graphic.

Regarding size, I wonder about footprint of Evolution. I checked on my
Ubuntu and
it is about 12 MB. Hopefully it will required less space after removing of
some parts.

I found also some interesting post about EDS.
As I understand there is some work done to make EDS more UI independent.
Do you know if this was done, or work is in progress and in which release
it will be?

And as release 3.4 is planned for March 2012. Does it means that 3.6 should
be available after
six months, so around September 2012. Does evolution follows GNOME
(new stable version every six months)?


On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 10:21 AM, Srinivasa Ragavan <>wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 2:49 PM, Michal G. <> wrote:
> > Hi Srini,
> >
> > I will go in direction of modifying build process to be able to remove
> all
> > dependencies to libraries that are not available on my SDK.
> > I think it should be possible, but still I am not sure.
> > My aim is to compile EDS (only mails) with Evolution (only
> libemail-engine +
> > ??) and your e-mail-factory.
> > Then I'm going to provide some GUI.
> > Communication between those components should be done via DBUS.
> > I am still no aware how content of mail will be visible for user. Or in
> > other words, who will render its content.
> >
> Evolution uses gtkhtml for rendering mails. Anjal used webkit. You can
> also use MozEmbed.
> > In addition, I need to estimate how big package (backend) I will have
> after
> > successful compilation.
> > Could you help me in estimation?
> Big in the sense size? I have no idea tbh.
> -Srini
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