Hi Michal,

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 2:27 PM, Michal G. <guziemic.s...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>> If you are looking to get eds/evo rid of gtk, you are proned to be
>> lost. Instead, use the dbus api and write a email client in qt. You
>> can glance it https://meego.gitorious.org/meego-ux/meego-app-email. I
>> worked on a qt/qml based email client which spoke to the email daemon
>> over dbus. It is obsolete atm.
> Thanks for help. I look at this code and it is very interesting from my
> point of view. It is very close
> to this what I am trying to achieve. I am not going to use Qml, but I can
> take it as an example

My purpose for showing the code is to look at it as an example :)

> and develop my own app. As I saw Qml is related with Qt QMF component.
> From Qt Labs description it sounds like very useful framework.
> Does it means that this application is using Evolution only to store mails
> and all
> connection with mail servers (POP, IMAP, SMTP) is handled by QMF?

The code I showed you, uses e-mail-factory for everything. It replaced QMF.

> Could you tell me if meego-app-calendar is done in similar way?
> http://meego.gitorious.org/meego-ux/meego-app-calendar
> As I saw both projects do not have any activity in last days. Do you know if
> those projects are still alive or maybe developed as closed-code?

The code is dead, I dont have any closed source on them. I have no
idea on the calendar stuff. Sorry.

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