I need more support as Evolution is huge project and I feel that I am lost.
Last days, I just went through code and I compiled EDS but on X86 without
Thus, I modified some configuration files and main makefile to be able to

Next, I tried to compile Evolution. But there is a lot of  dependencies to
UI (gtk),
which  I would like to remove. I would like to replace it for instance with
written in Qt.

I have question regarding functionality and place where should I look for
source code.
I think that main components on which I should focus are following folders
- libemail-utils
- libemail-engine
- mail (I am not sure if I should consider this folder)

and there is folder modules/mail - what kind of functionality is kept there?

Is there other place where code related to email is located?

And does Evolution uses system settings for network configuration as
default or
it must be configured somehow?

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