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Am Donnerstag 22 November 2012, um 09:13:16 schrieb Milan Crha:
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> the book/calendar backends are currently designed to not have any direct
> UI interaction with user, they basically serve for data only. While it
> works, it has its caveats, like when user tries to access server using
> SSL with self-signed certificate. This should be done like in Camel,
> where user is asked what to do, instead of, currently implemented,
> checkbox in account preferences for "Ignore invalid certificates".
> Another usecase for direct UI interaction is, as xtian suggested some
> time ago, when synchronizing offline data to the server, with discovered
> conflicts. There might be found more usecases for sure.
> [...]

Thanks Milan for bringing that up again. Yes, some infrastructure to
request for user input from within the backends would be very helpful.
We have a dialog ready [0] in evolution-kolab to ask for a user selection
from several options they have to solve the conflict. However, this
dialog is currently unused in evolution-kolab for the reasons you outlined
(and the options set per folder without a possibility for the user to
decide on a per-incident-basis how to resolve the conflict).

Please see the dialog screenshot to get an idea of what would be needed
(I've linked to the dialog screenshot to illustrate the use case). Basically
this is
* an informative text, with some background highlighting
* a number of options for the user to choose from
  (the id of which to be returned to the backend),
  the conflict resolution strategy in our case
  (NB: this could be changed for a radio button list
  and the typical OK/Cancel buttons)
* some setting to be applied to the folder configuration
  (whether to ask again for the next conflict or to keep
  the current user selection for the folder and not ask

Maybe this helps ironing out the requirements for a requester
infrastructure. Input fields may also be needed in some cases,
although PIN entry is already handled (not sure what else would
require text input).

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