On Mon, 2012-11-26 at 10:08 +0100, Christian Hilberg wrote:
> Thanks Milan for bringing that up again. Yes, some infrastructure to
> request for user input from within the backends would be very helpful.
> We have a dialog ready [0] in evolution-kolab to ask for a user selection
> from several options they have to solve the conflict. However, this
> dialog is currently unused in evolution-kolab for the reasons you outlined
> (and the options set per folder without a possibility for the user to
> decide on a per-incident-basis how to resolve the conflict).

I had on mind something simple, especially when you cannot pass pointers
over DBus, thus it would be quite complicated to support input widgets
in general way. The camel_session_alert_user() function outlines my idea
quite well, just provide text to show and then list of buttons which
will be available for user choices. I'm not sure if "remember this
choice" in conflict resolution makes sense, because the conflicts can be
of different sorts after all. Nonetheless, that can be added as kind of
flags, with corresponding value return.

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