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Hello Milan

I see you added a workaround for reading such broken messages, however I
think it'd be more important to avoid sending such bad messages [when
using evolution-ews].
I have opened Bug 785840 for this.

As the requisite appears to be that there must a plain text part, I
suggest sending:

   multipart/encrypted; protocol="application/pgp-encrypted"
      application/octet-stream; name="encrypted.asc"

With the text/plain part being a dconf-customizable text like
«This is a PGP encrypted message but your mail user agent does not
support reading PGP/MIME emails. Please ask the provider of your email
client to support PGP/MIME (RFC3156) for an optimal experience.
As a workaround, in case your email client does allow you to download
the file named encrypted.asc, you may be able to decrypt it using an
external program.»

(Yes, it's overly long, but some people need a decent amount of
hand-holding for being able to deal with PGP messages, eg. they expect
that an encrypted email should appear as an attachment)


my Problem is,
when I use Evolution to create and send an encrypted email to send it 
over my hotmail account to another account
i.e. Google - the same Evolution did recognized the email as encrypted.

When encrypting and sending over my google account to my hotmail account it 
will be recognized.

(each acoount separate keys and IDs)

So I guess its maybe not Evolution alone, but I do not know what I could 
configure on my hotmail account or somewhere else.

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