On Tue, 2017-08-08 at 21:00 +0000, adg adg82439 wrote:
> Here is maybe a misunderstanding.
> I miss only the  "Prefer inline sign/encrypt for plain text messages"
> in my other PGP stuff is there.

Indeed, I misunderstood! I am sorry.

That option was added in Evolution version 3.20 and later, see

> Unfortunately I am to much Linux beginner to know where to find an
> ubuntupackage for a newer Release of Evolution.

So far Ubuntu has deliberately shipped older versions. (This might
change in the nearer future.) 
You may upgrade to a more recent version as 16.04 is from April 2016
and a Long-Term Support version (LTS) which will only see conservative
software updates. Or you could try to find and use some PPA repository
which offers a newer Evolution version. In any case, upgrade policies
or using PPAs is probably better discussed in an Ubuntu forum. :)

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