On Sat, 2018-04-07 at 17:13 +0100, David wrote:
> I confess, some of the passwords I've got written down, some I
> haven’t.

That you can't remember all passwords and that you don't have written
down the passwords you have forgotten, isn't that much of an issue.
For good reasons, you won't note down the 4 numbers of the out of 4 * 10
numbered PIN of your bank card, on your bank card.

The German wiki claims that "David" is the third most name mentioned by
the Bible [1], so using something that easy to remember as your name,
but also that much mentioned by a well known book, for several very good
reasons, is much more stupid, than any other not that smart passphrase.

Good rotating passwords, that don't follow a method, are hard to
remember. Writing down those passwords isn't good either. It's a

"David ist ein hebräischer männlicher Vorname aus der Bibel. Dort ist er
mit über 1000-mal der dritthäufigste Name nach Mose und Abraham"
- https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_(Vorname)

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