It will work fine for you if you learn how to use it.  The rants are
usually from people who don't know how to use the tool.

I was pretty unhappy with my chainsaw, too, until I learned to hold by
the correct end.  Until then, it really did a number on me.

Read the readme.txt file, and pay attention to every caveat in it.  All
the rants you find in the archives (that I can recall) are about issues
that are either in the readme.txt or in their knowledge base "top ten
questions" list.

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You should really look at the archives for this answer.
All the rants are contained there.

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Hi Folks,
I just found out we are going with The Norton Solution for our company
anti-virus protection. This is fine for server and client, but I was
also told we would be using NAV's solution for Exchange. (Groupware I
Since I was not involved in this decision, but was the sole decision
maker when I chose not too happy. But...I turn to y'all
again, as I did a few years ago for info on the best AV solution. This
time I'm asking what kind of problems will I see with this new NAV scan
engine that was chosen for MY Email servers? Is the NAV a solid,
non-flaky product for Exchange? I couldn't really find anything major
from the net..but y'all would know best. 

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