Thank you Serdar - I appreciate that. 

Paul - I'm going to walk away from this one now, but with two final

(a) I'm English, with an office in Crawley, West Sussex.  I happen to spend
most of my time in the US, but I'm fully cognizant of the UK employment
situation, and I have hiring influence in both countries.  

(b) I have nothing to hide.  If you search the archives, you'll see that I
even put my contact details in most of my posts.  I've added them in below
again, to make the point.  There are also more than twenty folks on this
list (a loose guess) that have met me in person.


Gary K. Slinger
Manager, Operations Design and Development
CP Ships - Infrastructure Planning & Projects
Tampa, Florida
US Office: +1-813-635-2189
UK Office: +44-1293-582778

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Gary is singing the song that's in everybody's head.  He doesn't have
anything to hide and has been a very valuable contributor to this list. Your
post is nothing but spam.  


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> Yes, but we probably don't have such hangups about using search sites, 
> or have our own network of contacts that might be able to help us.

I am using the network, and some agencies as well. Under the 
circumstances, I wonder why you are protesting so much. Do you, perhaps, 
have something to hide?

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