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> Subject: recover from crash
> Scenario:
> You come in one morning, reboot the exchange server, and it 
> never comes back up, blue screens or whatever. It crashes. 
> Question:
> What do you do FIRST to try to bring it back up?
> What do you do Second if that doesn't work?
> At what point do you go for the recovery server, and your backup tape?
> I was looking through the disaster recovery paper and its 
> great...but I didn't see what to do before the backup server 
> plan. It has tons of switches and command line tools, but im 
> looking for elementary type notes " When it crashes, try ERD 
> first and run repair, if that doesn't work try..." Stuff like 
> that. IF the server boots, I found lots of info on error 
> messages and the likes to try to get the IS started etc..but 
> nothing if its basically dead. I know, this is something I 
> should have learned long ago, but point me to the site, or 
> papers where I can get this and I can move past this embarrassment! 

There is no magic one shot "always do this" answer to this I'm afraid. If
it's a software error, I'd start with the microsoft technet CDs and website
for example, and follow their troubleshooting guide for whatever the error
is that you are getting. If you crashed after recently installing a new
application, contact the vendor for that as well.

If it's a hardware fault, do likewise with whatever troubleshooting stuff
your hardware vendor has supplied.

The time to start thinking about disaster recovery and restores and so on,
imho, is when you are clear that you are not going to get a "fix" or when it
is clear that the fix is going to take longer to appear and work than your
users are willing to wait, which again is something specific to your user
using the affected server and their needs.

Robert Moir, MSMVP
IT Systems Engineer, 
Luton Sixth Form College
"Rome did not create a mighty empire by having management meetings"

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