Not reboot it in the first place?!?!

Since you've ruled out good administrative practice, my first step depends
entirely on why it won't boot - bluescreen or whatever is a wide range of

First thing is that I ALWAYS shut the box down again, and try restarting it
again. After that, its all gut feel.

Bluescreen - check Technet for the STOP message and see where that leads.

Hardware failure - reseat the component(s) and try again.

Roger D. Seielstad - MCSE
Senior Systems Administrator
Peregrine Systems
Atlanta, GA

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> Subject: recover from crash
> Scenario:
> You come in one morning, reboot the exchange server, and it 
> never comes back up, blue screens or whatever. It crashes. 
> Question:
> What do you do FIRST to try to bring it back up?
> What do you do Second if that doesn't work?
> At what point do you go for the recovery server, and your backup tape?
> I was looking through the disaster recovery paper and its 
> great...but I didn't see what to do before the backup server 
> plan. It has tons of switches and command line tools, but im 
> looking for elementary type notes " When it crashes, try ERD 
> first and run repair, if that doesn't work try..." Stuff like 
> that. IF the server boots, I found lots of info on error 
> messages and the likes to try to get the IS started etc..but 
> nothing if its basically dead. I know, this is something I 
> should have learned long ago, but point me to the site, or 
> papers where I can get this and I can move past this embarrassment! 
> Thanks!
> Ron
> Oh and I found this in the archives:
> "When your Exchange server crashed, most likely you need 
> restore it from the tape. It is time consuming. But, If you 
> have a clean and working dir.edb stored somewhere else, you 
> don't need to restore it from the tape, just copy it back! So 
> when your Exchange server is in a good condition, copy the 
> dir.edb file to a save location such as another server, or your SAN."
> Is it the dir.edb that causes the crash? And does this copy 
> tip work most of the time?
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