Ran into something simular. The user had run out of space on the C drive. 
When this happens you are not able to bring the system up or login at all. 
We ended up making a bootable NTFS disk if the main partion is NTFS or you 
can regular DOS disk to then access the drive and kill files after we 
verified that was the problem.

> >
> > Scenario:
> > You come in one morning, reboot the exchange server, and it
> > never comes back up, blue screens or whatever. It crashes.
> > Question:
> > What do you do FIRST to try to bring it back up?
> > What do you do Second if that doesn't work?
> > At what point do you go for the recovery server, and your backup tape?
> >
> > I was looking through the disaster recovery paper and its
> > great...but I didn't see what to do before the backup server
> > plan. It has tons of switches and command line tools, but im
> > looking for elementary type notes " When it crashes, try ERD
> > first and run repair, if that doesn't work try..." Stuff like
> > that. IF the server boots, I found lots of info on error
> > messages and the likes to try to get the IS started etc..but
> > nothing if its basically dead. I know, this is something I
> > should have learned long ago, but point me to the site, or
> > papers where I can get this and I can move past this embarrassment!
>There is no magic one shot "always do this" answer to this I'm afraid. If
>it's a software error, I'd start with the microsoft technet CDs and website
>for example, and follow their troubleshooting guide for whatever the error
>is that you are getting. If you crashed after recently installing a new
>application, contact the vendor for that as well.
>If it's a hardware fault, do likewise with whatever troubleshooting stuff
>your hardware vendor has supplied.
>The time to start thinking about disaster recovery and restores and so on,
>imho, is when you are clear that you are not going to get a "fix" or when 
>is clear that the fix is going to take longer to appear and work than your
>users are willing to wait, which again is something specific to your user
>using the affected server and their needs.
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