You come in one morning, reboot the exchange server, and it never comes back
up, blue screens or whatever. It crashes. 
What do you do FIRST to try to bring it back up?
What do you do Second if that doesn't work?
At what point do you go for the recovery server, and your backup tape?

I was looking through the disaster recovery paper and its great...but I
didn't see what to do before the backup server plan. It has tons of switches
and command line tools, but im looking for elementary type notes " When it
crashes, try ERD first and run repair, if that doesn't work try..." Stuff
like that. IF the server boots, I found lots of info on error messages and
the likes to try to get the IS started etc..but nothing if its basically
dead. I know, this is something I should have learned long ago, but point me
to the site, or papers where I can get this and I can move past this

Oh and I found this in the archives:
"When your Exchange server crashed, most likely you need restore it from the
tape. It is time consuming. But, If you have a clean and working dir.edb
stored somewhere else, you don't need to restore it from the tape, just copy
it back! So when your Exchange server is in a good condition, copy the
dir.edb file to a save location such as another server, or your SAN."

Is it the dir.edb that causes the crash? And does this copy tip work most of
the time?

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