Sorry if this message is a duplicate; I tried sending it before but I'm not
sure if it went through.

My company uses Exchange 5.5 with less than 100 users.  One of the drives on
the server went down and the directory (dir.edb) was lost.  We have no
backups (yes, I know, shame on us).  My question is, can the data (the
users' saved messages) be extracted from priv.edb?

I ran isinteg -pri -dump, and the result contained a section titled "Dump of
the mailbox table", with entries for each mailbox in our site.  For each
mailbox there are about 14 lines of information, followed by a line saying:
        Error: 1 database retrieve error on current record.
Can anyone tell me what this error means?  Should I be seeing individual
mail messages in this dump file?  

Is there any other way I can extract my user's messages from this file?
Thanks for any help.

Lewis Kapell

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