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After I originally found that all users could see other user's home contents, 
I tried first changing to security level 3.  Someone else mentioned I could 
set the home permission to 700.  

Both methods have screwed up my system and I can't seem to get it back even 
though I switched to security level 2.  My system is OK at the moment but 
there will come a time (how long it takes is unknown as yet) when all of a 
sudden, I cannot open konsoles, xterms, or start any app for that matter.  
The perms on my home directory will change that will 1) prevent KDE from 
working because it can't get write permissions to my home, and 2) kmail wont 
be able to download/store email because it wont have write permission to my 
~/Mail directories.  I have had to twice login as root and chown 
praedor.praedor /home/praedor and set my home perm to 711, then 755.  

I restarted DrakConf and then went to Drakperms and set the security level to 
2 and made sure that /home/* was no longer editable and no longer 700 but 
nevertheless I get this repetitious problem.  

What security level will allow users to actually USE their home directories, 
window managers, etc, without problems but also prevent other users from 
looking at the contents of their HOME dirs?

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