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I just fought with security settings again last night.  I don't yet know if I 
have it beat.  I could not get things back to even a low/no security level so 
I could start over.  This is a problem.  I used MCC -> security to set my 
system to 3, then to 2 but nothing changed.  I was unable to get into my 
home, I could not start any wm because they didn't have write perms in my 
home.  This even after I expressly set all home dirs to 777 and made sure I 
had proper ownerships of my own dir.  MDK kept insisting on changing my 
ownership to a numeric value (500) instead of to me the user name and this 
ALWAYS screws up everything.  The system also kept insisting on giving user 
and group ownership of my home dirs to adm.  When could that ever be useful?  
I assures that one can't do anything in or with their own homes.  

I'll check the system tnoght when I get home to see if it has remained with my 
good settings or has switched back to broken/unusable again.  What good is 
the MCC security app if it refuses to really change anything - particularly 
when going from a higher level to a lower level?  What does "standard" or 
"high" mean in security setting wrt msec levels?  


On Thursday 03 July 2003 02:18 am, James Sparenberg wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-07-02 at 23:22, Frankie wrote:
> > yeah, i think that is one thing mandrake could really really improve.
> > Msec has the potential to be a really fantastic hardning script..
> > But as it stands now, even on servers i use level 3 and tighten up
> > manually.
> >
> > it needs a console and/or a X11 GUI..
> >
> > Just something where it displays the level, and gives you a list of the
> > msec options so you check and uncheck specific settings. (rather then
> > just choosing a level.)
> > It could be done without changing any of its current functionality I'd
> > imagine.)
> >
> > that would serve two benefits..
> >
> > 1. tells you want msec is actually doing at a given level.
> > 2. allows you to easily stop it.. or enable it.
> >
> > personally i think a console GUI'd be fine, but suspect others would
> > prefer X11.
> > and if its the latter, it could be part of control center.
> >
> >
> > rgds
> >
> > Franki
> Franki,
>    Have you tried the MCC section Security then the button with the
> lengthy title starting out Drak Perm?  I think this is supposed to be
> what you want.
> James

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