On Wed, 2003-07-02 at 23:22, Frankie wrote:
> yeah, i think that is one thing mandrake could really really improve.
> Msec has the potential to be a really fantastic hardning script..
> But as it stands now, even on servers i use level 3 and tighten up manually.
> it needs a console and/or a X11 GUI..
> Just something where it displays the level, and gives you a list of the msec
> options so you check and uncheck specific settings. (rather then just
> choosing a level.)
> It could be done without changing any of its current functionality I'd
> imagine.)
> that would serve two benefits..
> 1. tells you want msec is actually doing at a given level.
> 2. allows you to easily stop it.. or enable it.
> personally i think a console GUI'd be fine, but suspect others would prefer
> X11.
> and if its the latter, it could be part of control center.
> rgds
> Franki


   Have you tried the MCC section Security then the button with the
lengthy title starting out Drak Perm?  I think this is supposed to be
what you want.


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