I have now been running Mandrake 9.1 with the 2.4.21-0.18mdk kernel
for about 3 weeks.  At this point it is starting to be annoying that
this kernel locks up more often than even Micro$oft Windoze.

The lock up will happen anything from 5 minutes to 10 hours of boot.
It must be the kernel locking up since there is no response to the
SysRq+Alt+... keys.

This happens routinely, but irregular, so I have no idea how to track
it.  I tried maximizing the information to syslog by choosing

      *.*       /var/log/syslog

in /etc/syslog.conf.  A typical entry looks like this:

    Jul  6 14:42:18 pan spamd[5914]: identified spam (9.3/5.0) for turtle:501 in 0.4 
seconds, 3321 bytes. 
    Jul  6 14:45:00 pan CROND[5928]: (turtle) CMD (/usr/sbin/anacron -t 
    Jul  6 14:45:00 pan anacron[5929]: Anacron 2.3 started on 2003-07-06
    Jul  6 14:45:00 pan anacron[5929]: Normal exit (0 jobs run)
    Jul  6 14:47:12 pan syslogd 1.4.1: restart.
    Jul  6 14:47:12 pan /etc/hotplug/net.agent: invoke ifplugd eth1
    Jul  6 14:47:12 pan ifplugd[1526]: Using interface eth1/00:02:2D:40:D0:92
    Jul  6 14:47:12 pan ifplugd[1526]: ETHTOOL_GLINK failed: Operation not supported
which means that I have booted around 14:46:45.  Thus there does not
appear to be any programs running just before the lock up.

So at this point I would like suggestions:
- how can I get more debug information from the kernel
- should I change to a different kernel, e.g., vanilla 2.4.21.  Or
  should I consider one of the patched ones.


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