On Monday July 7 2003 04:59 am, Peter Møller Neergaard wrote:
> Thanks for suggestions for various stress tests---I will try them
> tonight.
> To answer James Sparenberg's question: I have tried both the
> 0.13mdk and the 0.18mdk.  I usually use NeTraverse' win4lin
> enabled kernel, but have reverted to the standard Mandrake
> kernels to see if this is the problem.  I do not use the SMP
> kernels.
> I would be slightly surprised if it was a hardware problem, given
> that I have run Mandrake 9.0 for 3--4 months and 8.1 for about a
> year without problems of this sort.  For the same reason, X is
> not too likely to be the culprit as I did not upgrade my
> low-level video driver when upgrading to 9.1 (I'm using a locally
> compiled version of Nvidia's proprietary driver).

    Probly not hardware, but hardware still has to be eliminated as 
a first step. I'd suggest one pass of memtest86's tests (easy), 
then 'mprime -m', choose #17, the torture test (harder). Let it run 
for an hour. If you pass those tests, then cpuburn's 'burnP6' 
(Intel), or 'burnK6' (AMD), (extreme test). Let it run for 20 
minutes while keeping an eye on cpu temp. There's no output, but 
abort with '<Crtl+C> if temp goes too high. If it does, you need 
better cooling and over heating could well be your freeze problem.  
ftp://mersenne.org/gimps/mprime234.tar.gz    cpuburn and memtest86 
are on your CD's or available from Mandrake mirrors.

   Next step if your hardware passes.... uninstall nvidia and use 
Xfree's 'nv' driver. You'll also need to replace the nvidia tainted 
kernel. Uninstall any other closed source proprietary unknown apps 
or drivers. At least till you this problem sorted out. 
    Tom Brinkman                  Corpus Christi, Texas

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