On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 02:59, Peter Møller Neergaard wrote:
> Thanks for suggestions for various stress tests---I will try them
> tonight.
> To answer James Sparenberg's question: I have tried both the 0.13mdk
> and the 0.18mdk.  I usually use NeTraverse' win4lin enabled kernel,
> but have reverted to the standard Mandrake kernels to see if this is
> the problem.  I do not use the SMP kernels.
> I would be slightly surprised if it was a hardware problem, given that
> I have run Mandrake 9.0 for 3--4 months and 8.1 for about a year
> without problems of this sort.  For the same reason, X is not too
> likely to be the culprit as I did not upgrade my low-level video
> driver when upgrading to 9.1 (I'm using a locally compiled version of
> Nvidia's proprietary driver).
> I'll keep you posted on results.
> /Peter

   Not to doubt what you say... I don't, but I do have a collection of
ram sticks that past the 1 year guarantee ... crapped out on me.  In
just the manor I stated.  Since Linux is stricter than Windwos on this
... I've sent them to windwos boxes running at a lower ram bus speed. 
(133 rated running at 100)  There they work ok for e-mail readers.  


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