On Tuesday 08 July 2003 10:09 am, Tom Brinkman wrote:

>    A 700 mb CDr has two sizes. 80 minutes, and 700mb.  Only time
> minutes is important is audio images. I often burn way over 800
> mb's of wav's to a CDr, but the time needs to be just under 80
> minutes of playing time to make the CDr stable on cheap junk CD
> players. Movies OTOH don't go by minutes, they need to fit 'data
> wise' in MB's on a CDr. Guess I'll just keep re-encoding the 'too
> big' ones ;)

Talked to him. :-)

He said they were 700s jammed full. Guess thats why my fairly new Toshiba DVD 
drive would not read them, but my Plextor CDRW would.


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